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The strong gaze from Jupiter in Sagittarius to your eleventh house Aries of earnings and resources from your work includes positive support for networking with those who are part of groups who are in your industry. This is a great time to develop your network!

You may have a busy year ahead with a lot of short distance travels in and about your local city or within a few hours distance from home. July August Wise Jupiter through sidereal Sagittarius will bring a time of expansion in your day to day activities and responsibilities, your career and an opportunity to bolster your financial reserves.

You may also decide to broaden your scope at work and this transit will be quite supportive of raising your visibility through social media, marketing or advertising. Focus on increasing your assets and connecting with family over the next year while Jupiter's expansive gaze is encouraging growth and expansion in these two areas of your life. August September Leo, as part of the fire trine Aries, Leo and Sagittarius your sign and you!

This is great news for you Leo since you have had somber Saturn sending his responsibly oriented and restrictive energies via the fire trines for the past two years. Things will be significantly easier for you in these areas of life over the next 12 months, especially after Saturn moves into Capricorn in late January. Hang in there! You are going to get your creative mojo back, your spiritual path will be illuminated by wise Jupiter and your personal energy and health should definitely improve over the 12 month transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius. September October Be sure to connect to your heart center of unconditional love.

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This feeling will increase after Saturn finally leaves sidereal Sagittarius January 23, , after a very LONG tour of your fourth house of mother, home and happiness! Studies in astrology, tarot or any metaphysical subjects will be very rewarding while Jupiter is in Sagittarius for the next year. Your partners resources may increase during this time, too. Pay close attention to dreams and your subconscious mind. Meditation and spiritual practice will expand, too. October November Get your writing tools out, whatever they are dear Libra!

Jupiter is expanding your communication horizons over the next year! If writing has felt a bit stuck for you over the last 24 months, trust me -- this energy is slowly shifting in November! The changes will happen incrementally. First when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 4 and then an additional expansion once Saturn moves on down the road to Capricorn on January 23, Jupiter will also be in full support of romantic and business partnerships over the next year.

If you are in a relationship, you may want to expand your horizons in this area and if you are not in a partnership, you may have a lot opportunities to explore! Take some time to focus on networking within your industry and broaden your reach via social media, too.

Horoscope 2020 – Love, Money & Career

If you are self employed and have been considering raising your fees, do so once Saturn moves into Capricorn on January 23, If you are not self-employed, this may be a banner year for raises if the company you are working for is doing well. Your day to day short distance journeys in and around the neighborhood and not too far from home say one to two hours away may also have you on the go for the duration of this transit.

November December Your passion and creativity for your career will be positively influenced by expansive Jupiter over the next year. Take FULL advantage of this jubilant Jupiter influence over the next year and infuse joy into your work! You may happily take on more responsibilities at work, or if you are self employed you may be planning an expanding your business in the next 12 months. Life in general may get very busy, especially the day to day routines and responsibility, especially if you have young children at home and are juggling your career and family. This is also a terrific opportunity to shore up your financial reserves while abundant and expansive Jupiter is traveling through the area of your birth chart associated with your assets.

It is also an excellent time to study a foreign language - the entire transit of Jupiter from November to November December January This is your once in 12 year opportunity for your planetary ruler Jupiter to visit your rising sign and its own house. This year will be filled with so much personal and spiritual growth. If you want to take a workshop or course to support your spiritual journey this will be an excellent time to do so.


Saturn will remain in Sagittarius through most of January so try to take things a bit slowly until then. Your creative energies will be flowing and if you are thinking about an addition to your family, this may be the year! If not, then focus your creative energies on something else. Your personal energy and your health will be SO much better over the next 12 months!

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You will also want to have a lot of personal freedom during this time, so if you are in a partnership be sure to let your partner know this is a time of expansion for you that doesn't always HAVE to include them in your plans. Just sayin'! You colleagues would stand by you and support you until 23 September However, after this period, chances of developing confusion and misunderstanding would be high, and so, try your best to maintain your calm and improve your relations with them, so that the scope of any misunderstanding and confusion can be avoided, according to the Sagittarius Horoscope.

The chances for getting new job opportunities would be high from April until June, and so keep your priorities clear and understand your needs, as per your career growth, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that for the Sagittarius natives as you, there would be gains from the financial point of view. Nurturing an innate nature of being hopeful and hard-working, a Sagittarius native would be readily involved in materialistic possessions, and this can be used for good as well as for bad, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope.

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However, the Sagittarius Horoscope suggests that you should try to maintain and save money throughout the entire year and stock your saving account well. You might be spending money from 14 May to 13 September , due to the retrograde of Saturn and Jupiter into the wealth house of your birth chart.

Avoid any kind of investments during this period of time and purchasing luxury items and other items that are expensive, so as to avoid unnecessary expenditure, says the Sagittarius Horoscope.

Sagittarius January Horoscope 2020 - Energy soars from the 3rd...

It is advised that you curb your spending habits and pay off pending debts, if any. This would enable you to manage your finances better and understand the importance of saving money, advises the Sagittarius Horoscope. Also avoid taking any loans from anyone, especially if it is without proper documentation. It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope that you should be careful while making unnecessary expenses and try to save as much money as possible from 23 September , as the chance of income from various sources increases in order to give you better financial help.

You might even face obstacles in loan matters towards the end of the year, so try applying for a loan towards the starting of the year, if you have the need for it. For speculative investments advice, take help and guidance from experts and seniors who know about it well, so that they can help you in long term investment options, the Sagittarius Horoscope says.

There are chances that you would start with part-time hobbies as work, and get gains from 28 March to 14 May You would be getting financial help from your friends towards the end-months of the year , in October and November, if you ask for their help. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that in the marriage and relationships area, the Sagittarius moon sign born natives as you, would get mixed results overall, and thus be able to see the periods of highs and lows in life, says the Sagittarius Horoscope.

It is advised that you keep the shadow of a third person away from your married life, as their involvement with you would not be good for the relationship between you and your husband, advises the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope suggests that the months of April and June are not favourable for marriage.

It is advised that you keep your calm and avoid any kind of disputes with your spouse. You should be understanding your responsibilities and increase your communication with your spouse so that you are able to build a strong and deeper bond, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope. Your married life would be happy after this period, and you will enjoy bliss in your relationship, predicts the Sagittarius Horoscope.

Take care of the health of your children from August to November , and try to take every issue related to health seriously, so that any kind of problem can be treated and solved easily. Your children will perform well in studies during this period, take interest in sports activities, and other extra-curricular activities, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope.

As per the prediction for Sagittarius Horoscope, seems to be a very favourable year when it comes to affairs of the heart. Thus, there would be many favourable times for love, yet, there might be sometimes when you might have to face conflicts with your love partner, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. You might feel alone and weak emotionally, as your partner might have gone far away from you, and you might be facing-long distance relationship issues. During the months of April and May , you would get serious about your love life, and this is the time when you should try and build on your relationship for better bonding and making it strong, the Sagittarius Horoscope predicts.

Avoid any kind of disputes and ego between you and your partner from 22 March to 4 May , as Mars would be exalted in its sign and would be transiting with Saturn, says the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that you would be spending romantic times with your partner this year.

You would be inclined towards going for romantic dates starting from the month of June, and until the mid of August The chances of meeting a love interest also seem high during the months of November and December of , and it is predicted that you might fall in love with them during this time, predicts the Sagittarius Horoscope. The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that as a Sagittarius, you would be keeping really busy at work and because of your professional commitments in this year , and therefore, not able to take out too much time for family.

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Saturn would be retrograde from 11 May to 29 September in the house of family, i. The Sagittarius Horoscope forecasts that this period is regarded as harsh for family life, and thereby, it is advised that you should try and avoid any kind of disputes and controversies for a happy and peaceful family life. It is important that you understand what responsibilities you have towards your family and take time out for them, as per the Sagittarius Horoscope. Your parents might face heath issues which need to be dealt by you, and which can be taken care if treated properly with prompt care.

It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope that you should avoid being tangled in any kind of family heritage property issues this year. It is advised by the Sagittarius Horoscope, that you plan religious pilgrimages with your parents this year, and feel blessed with their blessings. You would be a part of family get-togethers after September , which would help deepen and strengthen the bond you have with your family members. Sagittarius January Horoscope: You will begin your year on a religious disposition where it will offer you the guidance to stay focused amid some unwanted challenges that might surface, during the month of January.

Health will require attention and so does your wealth management skills. Unwanted expenditures are likely, so, you need to be cautious of not spending too much over shopping for luxurious items. Humility in your verbal expressions is essential if you want to maintain the sanity and harmony of your personal and professional relationships.